Hurricane Harvey GOES-16 Satellite Loops

*Disclaimer: All GOES-16 data is to be considered preliminary and non-operational.

Hurricane Harvey went from "remnants" to a Major Category 4 Hurricane in just 72 hours. This loop shows that transition.

Well before Harvey even made landfall, meteorologists everywhere were stressing how bad the flooding could be across much of southeast Texas (including for areas well inland). Unfortunately, this has panned out pretty much exactly as thought. Parts of Houston have received over 2 FEET of rain in just 24 hours. Rain is in the forecast for the next several days, with another 20+" of rain possible. Unprecedented flooding is occurring, especially in the Houston/Galveston area. Below is a loop of the low-level water vapor from GOES-16, giving you an idea of the unrelenting rain in parts of Texas and Louisiana.